New vehicle for field team

We are the proud owners of a Holden ute. The 4WD vehicle is our newest purchase and will prove invaluable for transporting the team, tools and traps, plus volunteers around rugged terrain.

For our field team, this vehicle could not come soon enough. These guys have been employed full-time since December 2013 to help upgrade tracks and traps in our projects and undertake large-scale predator control. So far they have track-cut 317 km of track, replaced 662 old traps in our Kiwi Sanctuary and completed possum and rodent control in more than 3000 hectares.  Until now they have been using their own cars to haul traps, bait, scrub-bars, chainsaws, fuel and volunteers, usually travelling via gravel roads and farm tracks.  

The used vehicle was purchased from money we have fundraised. It is a big investment for MEG, but one we felt was necessary to ensure the safety of our team. Give us a wave next time you see the team on the road.