New signs may help prevent dog attacks on kiwi

New signage in the Coromandel Kiwi Project will help raise awareness about the real risk dogs pose to kiwi.

Four new signs have been installed around the boundaries of our Coromandel Kiwi Project. They have been strategically placed around the boundary of the project to remind dog-owners that “Dogs and kiwi don’t mix”. The signs were designed by local school children and funded by WWF-NZ.

Sadly, three kiwi were killed by dogs recently on the peninsula in separate incidents, highlighting the risk. An adult kiwi died in December after being attacked by a fox terrier near the 309 road in Coromandel proving that any dog can kill kiwi. Dogs are the largest threat to adult kiwi and it takes only seconds for a dog to grab and kill a kiwi. We are asking dog owners on the Coromandel to keep their dogs out of kiwi zones and under control at all times.

The Coromandel Kiwi Project is protecting 1000ha of habitat above Coromandel town, dramatically increasing the chances of Coromandel residents hearing kiwi calls from their backyard. Volunteers check 120 stoat traps each month to ensure kiwi chicks have the best chance of survival. If you would like to get involved, call Lisa Kearney on 07 866-7462.