The art of trap building

Hammers flew and saws squeaked this term as we taught the next generation the art of trap-building.

Two schools have been busy building traps for Moehau Environment Group this winter. Students from ten classes at Point View School in Howick are once again building rat trap-boxes as part of their technology class. The school hopes to build 250 trap-boxes this term, which will be used to house rat traps around our Port Charles Rat Attack project.

This is the second year Point View School has supplied us with hand-made traps, which are decorated by the students with jokes and colourful slogans like ‘Welcome to the Cheese hotel’. Their quirky messages offer cheery encouragement to our trappers. Thankfully, the rats can’t read.

Closer to home, Coromandel Area School students are also learning how they can help protect kiwi. Ms Spyve’s Year 6 class have been building stoat and rat trap-boxes each Friday, which the kids will help place on the Harray track in Coromandel town. These traps will be serviced by local volunteers, with the aim of extending the area under protection around the Coromandel township.

“We’ve been making rat traps to save the kiwis with wood and nails and glue guns and saws” explains Anton Smith from Point View School. In the process, their school has learnt heaps about why kiwi are special. “Kiwi don’t have wings to fly away from predators, and they don’t have tails. But they have strong feet to help them fight. They yell in the night to find each other. The male is squeaky and the female sounds fierce” adds Yunmin Lee. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.