Kiwi Avoidance training for dogs: 5 & 26 Jan 2013

Any dog can kill kiwi. So get your dogs trained to avoid kiwi in the bush

Moehau Environment Group is running free Kiwi Avoidance Training sessions in Coromandel, Waitete Bay, Little Bay & Port Charles on Saturday 5 January. The training is a simple tool to help reduce the threat your dog poses to kiwi. The training is free and only takes 5-10 minutes. So call 866 6903 to book.

If you live in the Thames area, Thames Coast Kiwi Care are also running a Kiwi Avoidance Training session at Te Mata on Saturday 26 January. Call 868 4750 to book.

The Department of Conservation are holding another Kiwi Avoidance Training session in Tairua on Saturday 9 February. Call 866 1100 to book.