Kiwi are calling Coromandel Town home

This winter we have proof that Kiwi are calling throughout our Coromandel Kiwi Project. Audio recordings reveal kiwi calling at three sites within the predator controlled area.

The recordings show we have a population of kiwi surrounding Coromandel town, with both male and females heard. Of the four monitoring sites, kiwi were heard at three, with the Kennedy Bay Hill and Flays Rd sites being ‘call hotspots’. This is great news, as this is the first year an ‘official’ survey has been done, and it is nice to confirm what locals already suspected. The kiwi are there.

Listen to our recent recordings of the Coromandel Kiwi calls and a Morepork call:

Male Kiwi          Female Kiwi          Male and Female Kiwi         Morepork

This is also a great encouragment for our volunteer trappers who have been working to make this area safe for kiwi by trapping stoats. The Coromandel Area School Kiwi Project aims to increase the chances of Coromandel residents hearing kiwi from their backyard. The project is a joint initiative between the local school and Moehau Environment Group.

At the sites near Kennedy Bay Hill and along Flays Rd an average of 1.7 and 1.6 calls/hr were heard respectively. Less kiwi were heard at the other two listening sites. This means that there is still plenty of room for the kiwi population to expand in the coming years.

Listening at night for kiwi calls is the best way to monitor a population’s health from year-to-year. Usually volunteers help us with our annual kiwi listening surveys in June. However this year we tried something a little different,  trialling the use of Bioacoustic recorders in this project.

The recorders allow data to be collected over a much longer period, with considerably less man-hours required than using volunteers to listen for Kiwi. During June we ran the recorders for 2 weeks in four sites in the bush above Coromandel, recording for six hours each night. We will repeat this survey next year to see how the kiwi are doing.

If you would like get involved with this project, please phone Lisa Kearney on (07) 8667462.