Come Listen for Kiwi: 20 June 2013

Need an excuse to get outside during winter? Come kiwi listening with us in Coromandel on 20 June (date will be weather dependent).

The evening should be a fun couple of hours where you’ll get to hear kiwi call and meet volunteers involved in our Coromandel Kiwi Project. If you would like to come along, call Lisa on (07) 866 7462.

Winter is when our volunteers undertake annual kiwi listening surveys at designated sites within our Kiwi Sanctuary and Coromandel Kiwi Project. The data collected gives us a picture of how our local kiwi populations are faring. Thanks to the efforts of our stoat-trapping volunteers, Coromandel kiwi chicks have a much better chance of making it to breeding age. If you have heard kiwi near your place, we’d love to hear from you.