1000th stoat caught in our Kiwi Sanctuary

Our Kiwi Sanctuary has reached a milestone, with over 1000 stoats caught since trapping began in 2005.

This achievement signifies 9 years of dedicated work by our team of trappers who have helped keep stoat numbers low in the northern Coromandel, allowing kiwi chicks to thrive. Kiwi more than doubled in the area over the past ten years. Setting traps to protect kiwi also benefits other native wildlife in the area.

Stoats remain a persistent threat to young kiwi with an average of 113 stoats caught each year within our Kiwi Sanctuary. 790 traps are checked monthly, with most stoats caught in Summer and Autumn. Alongside stoats we have caught over 7500 rats, 630 weasels, 110 hedgehogs and 27 cats.

Predator catch rates in our Kiwi Sanctuary, July 2010–Jan 2014

This graph shows how our trap-catch rates fluctuate seasonally, with most stoats caught over summer, and a secondary peak occurring in spring.

Last year our Committee had to make the difficult decision to reduce the number of trapping rounds following a reduction in our funding. But thanks to some vigorous fundraising and the generous support of our members we have managed to raise enough funds to include the March trapping round in 2014. Many thanks to our supporters and sponsors who banded together to help us raise funds to protect kiwi.

We need your help to ensure trapping can continue. If you would like to help protect kiwi please consider sponsoring a stoat trap or making a donation.

Want to help kiwi?

  • Sponsor a trap-for just $65 a year you can help us protect kiwi chicks from stoats. Click here to sponsor a trap
  • Get involvedjoin a Kiwi Care group or start some predator control at your place. Go here if you are interested in volunteering for us. We can also help anyone looking to buy their own traps.
  • Donate-all funds go towards protecting Kiwi Habitat in the Northern Coromandel. Click here to donate now
  • Control your dog-Dogs that roam kill kiwi. Get your dog trained to avoid kiwi.