We are on a mission to raise funds for our Kiwi Sanctuary to keep our kiwi chicks safe from stoats. Help us save kiwi by sponsoring a stoat trap.

Stoats are the biggest threat to kiwi chicks in the wild. Want to directly help save kiwi on the Coromandel? Sponsor a stoat trap in our Kiwi Sanctuary for only $65 per year, per trap.

If you would like to sponsor a trap you can do so online with a credit card using our secure PayPal account

What will you get?

A Moehau Environment Group volunteer cleans a stoat trap

A Moehau Environment Group volunteer cleans a stoat trap

  • A Trap Sponsorship Certificate
  • A map showing trap location
  • Yearly updates of what your trap has caught
  • The money will directly benefit Coromandel kiwi

We have been working to protect kiwi since 2005, and have had great success. Our Kiwi Sanctuary protects 8000ha of kiwi habitat, protecting kiwi on private land immediately to the south of the DOC-managed Moehau Kiwi Sanctuary. We employ six part-time trappers to service 700 stoat traps monthly. Since we started these traps have caught over 1741 stoats, 810 weasels & 12,792 rats, making a huge difference to resident Kiwi. In fact, kiwi more than doubled in the area in the last 10 years.

We need your help to ensure trapping can continue. Thank you for your support.


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