Moehau Environment Group is a volunteer conservation organisation based in the beautiful, remote Northern Coromandel. We rely on volunteers to help achieve our goals.

Volunteers come from all around the world to help us protect endangered species in New Zealand. Each year we host over 50 international volunteers, and our volunteers contribute over 5300 hours to conservation annually.

Volunteer Sally empties a monster rat from a trap

Volunteer Sally empties a monster rat from a trap

Field tasks our volunteers are involved in include:

•    Pest control (trapping and bait lines)
•    Building and maintaining tracks
•    Monitoring bird populations
•    Building and distributing trap boxes
•    Eradicating noxious weeds
•    Planting trees and other native plants

We also need volunteers with a range of skills across many different fields.

Other tasks include:

  • Fundraising & sponsorship
  • Funding applications
  • Accounting
  • Publicity & marketing
  • Updating our website & newsletter

    A corporate group get a ride on the gator

    A corporate group get a ride on the gator

  • Project Management
  • Summer holiday guides
  • Group coordination
  • Administration
  • Committee members

Different skills, time commitment and levels of fitness are required so there is definitely something to suit everyone.

If you interested in volunteering, please email


Volunteers pose with track-cutting tools

“Learning about the endemic species of New Zealand, and seeing them with my own eyes, has been more fantastic than words can describe.

It’s such a great feeling, to go out in the bush and with my own hands do work that will aid the survival of these plants and animals.

Whether it’s plodding through the marshes to monitor fauna, climbing the hills to bait rat traps and weed invasive plants, or collecting seeds of native plants, there is always a tangible connection between MEG’s work and the species they aim to protect.”

-Emma, Volunteer from Sweden

 What can I expect?

Volunteer helps to build rat trap boxes

Below is a guide to what you might expect if you come to volunteer for us. This has been written in order to better prepare you as a volunteer, not only for the work that you will be involved in but the environment you will be living in as well.

Moehau Environment Group Volunteer guide

Does it cost to volunteer?

There is a small fee for volunteers being hosted by Moehau Environment Group. All meals and accommodation are provided at a cost of $350 (including GST)* per week (fees can vary according to length of stay). There is an additional one-off fee of $200 to cover transport from Coromandel town. It is expected that you will pay your entire program fee prior to arrival.

Moehau Environment Group is a volunteer organisation, and this fee helps cover expenses while you are on the program. Every effort has been made to keep costs low.

If you would like to see more pictures from previous volunteers visit our facebook page

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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