Howick school children make us rat boxes

A bunch of children from Point View Primary school in Howick have been busy building rat boxes for us. Ten classes of Year 3 and 4 pupils have built 250 rat boxes to house our rat traps.

The wooden rat boxes have been built by Point View Primary students this term during their technology class. The project has taught children skills such as how to use a saw and hammer. The kids have also done a lot of research on kiwi, and were excited to be helping protect birds on the Coromandel.

Our Coordinator, Natalie Collicott, enjoyed a visit to the school in April, where she spoke at their assemblies about how they are helping to protect endangered species. “The enthusiasm of the kids was fantastic” says Natalie ” and I was impressed with how much they already knew about kiwi “. Our popular mascot, Koro the Kiwi also made an appearance.

The rat boxes will help protect native wildlife in the Northern Coromandel such as north island robin, pateke and kaka. 2400 rat traps are checked regularly by trappers in our Port Charles Rat Attack project, which has been going since 2005. The boxes protect the traps from weather and pig interference, while also ensuring species other than rodents are not accidentally caught.

Moehau Environment Group are thrilled to have the support of Point View Primary, who not only built the boxes for us, but also covered the cost of the materials.