Come Listen for Kiwi during June 2012

It’s time for us to do our annual Kiwi Listening surveys. If you would like to help listen for kiwi, come along to a training session night in Papa Aroha on the 11th June (date will be weather dependent).

You’ll learn how to identify kiwi calls and meet other volunteers involved in our Coromandel Area School Kiwi Project. Contact Natalie (our Coordinator) on (07) 8683054 if you would like to get involved – it’s a fun night out if you wrap up warm. The surveys take about 2 hours from dusk.Over the May and June kiwi care projects all over New Zealand will be out at night doing their annual listening surveys to get a picture of how their kiwi populations are faring.  Only mature (breeding age about 5 years +) kiwi call so we won’t know if there are young birds about. Over the next few years we hope to see a trend of birds establishing as the effect of stoat control and responsible dog ownership makes the habitat safe for kiwi. We are also conducting surveys at sites within our Kiwi Sanctuary north of Colville.