Moehau Environment Group is helping to save Coromandel Brown kiwi.

Nationally, Kiwi are in trouble. The main culprits are stoats and cats which kill 70% of kiwi chicks. If nothing is done, Kiwi face extinction in the wild within 30 years. Yet here on the Coromandel, kiwi populations are flourishing due to intensive predator control efforts.

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A volunteer helps to build stoat trap boxes for the Kiwi Sanctuary

Our Kiwi Sanctuary has 700 traps spread over 7900 hectares. Since establishment in 2005  we have caught over 1600 stoats, 770 weasels, 12,000 rats, 255 hedgehogs and 35 feral cats, making a huge difference to the breeding success of resident Kiwi. Traps are baited with donated eggs or salted rabbit meat, and are currently checked 12 times a year.

In 2005, at the beginning of this project, our kiwi survey recorded 70 kiwi within our Sanctuary area. In 2015 we repeated this survey and found that kiwi had increased by 36%.

A United front

The northern Coromandel is home to the largest predator controlled kiwi habitat on the New Zealand mainland, with almost 30,000 hectares of stoat trapping from Port Jackson to Kennedy Bay.

Map of Northern Coromandel Kiwi Projects. Click to enlarge.

Our sanctuary protects kiwi on land immediately to the south of the Department of Conservation-managed Moehau Kiwi Sanctuary, substantially extending the area protected against stoats. Helping protect kiwi to the south-east is the Harataunga Kiwi Project, an iwi led intiative that Moehau Environment Group helped start.

Dogs and kiwi

Dog undergoing Kiwi Avoidance training

Now that stoats are under control the biggest threat to our kiwi comes from wandering dogs. Each summer we work together with other community groups on the Coromandel to run an awareness campaign during the busy visitor season about the risk dogs pose to kiwi. Our group also works with the Department of Conservation to promote and run regular kiwi avoidance training for dogs.


Volunteer holds juvenile kiwi

Want to help kiwi?

  • Sponsor a trap-for just $65 a year you can help us protect kiwi chicks from stoats
  • Get involvedjoin a Kiwi Care group or start some predator control at your place. Go here if you are interested in volunteering for us. We can also help anyone looking to buy their own traps.
  • Donate-all funds go towards protecting kiwi habitat on the Coromandel.
  • Control your dog-Dogs that roam kill kiwi. Get your dog trained to avoid kiwi.
  • Listen out for kiwi calls and let us know when you have heard them. You can hear what their calls sound like here

The Moehau Environment Group Kiwi Sanctuary is sponsored by Kiwis for Kiwi and the Ministry for the Environment. Traps are constructed by volunteers, with funding for trap materials coming from Waikato Regional Council.

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