The Coromandel Kiwi Project is protecting 1300ha of habitat above Coromandel town, dramatically increasing the chances of Coromandel residents hearing kiwi calls from their backyard.

Volunteer shows the stoat she caught


The aim of the Project is to provide protection for young kiwi looking to make a home in the bush above Coromandel Town. The kids from Coromandel Area School have already built and helped install over 200 stoat traps. Since 2011 our volunteers have caught over 495 stoats, 52 weasels, 51 hedgehogs and 2878 rats!

The video graphic below shows a heat map of rats and stoats caught since trapping began.

Rats are on the left in red; stoats and weasels are on the right in blue.

Since 2012 we have been monitoring kiwi each winter using acoustic recorders. We have heard kiwi at three different sites within the project. This is great news, and it is nice to confirm what locals already suspected. The kiwi are there.

Want to hear a kiwi?

Click here to hear a male and female Coromandel Brown kiwi duet. On the recording, the male is the first, shrill repetitive call, followed by the lower gutteral notes of the female kiwi.

Moehau Environment Group would like to thank all our volunteers who are helping protect kiwi by checking stoat lines each month.

Volunteer track-cutters in the Coromandel Kiwi Project

Volunteer track-cutters in the Coromandel Kiwi Project

Want to be part of helping protect kiwi in your backyard? Get in touch to find out how you can help.

If we want Kiwi to thrive in the Coromandel, we must take responsibility for their survival. Because left to fend for themselves in the wild, kiwi will become extinct.  You can be part of saving our national bird right here in Coromandel!

What can you do to help?

  • Get involved– If you are interested in volunteering with this Project, email
  • Sponsor a trap-for just $65 a year you can help us protect kiwi chicks from stoats.
  • Keep your dog under control– Dogs that roam kill kiwi. Get your dog trained to avoid kiwi.
  • Listen out for kiwi and let us know when you have heard them. You can hear what their calls sound like here

The Coromandel Kiwi Project is supported by Waikato Regional Council

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