• This project provides a ‘buffer’ of protection against reinvasion of possums into the Moehau Range and allows for the successful breeding of native bird species. Moehau Environment Group has established three Possum control blocks. These are shown on the map below. Combining all of our possum and rodent control projects, there is over 3,200 hectares […]

  • Come and experience nature first hand with activities for all ages & abilities Each year a dedicated bunch of volunteers from Moehau Environment Group run a Summer Programme over January on the Coromandel. The programme offers kiwis and visitors the chance to experience and enjoy Coromandel’s natural treasures guided by local volunteers keen to share […]

  • This project aims to provide a safe breeding habitat for native birds that find it impossible to breed where rats are present.

  • Waikawau Bay wetland is a rare gem – an accessible intact wetland and estuarine system teeming with wildlife at the end of a stretch of white sandy beach. It is here, at the top of the Coromandel, that Moehau Environment Group are working to protect threatened birds and invertebrates.   The Waikawau Bay Wetland Project […]

  • The Coromandel Kiwi Project is protecting 1300ha of habitat above Coromandel town, dramatically increasing the chances of Coromandel residents hearing kiwi calls from their backyard.   The aim of the Project is to provide protection for young kiwi looking to make a home in the bush above Coromandel Town. The kids from Coromandel Area School […]

  • Moehau Environment Group is helping to save Coromandel Brown kiwi. Nationally, Kiwi are in trouble. The main culprits are stoats and cats which kill 70% of kiwi chicks. If nothing is done, Kiwi face extinction in the wild within 30 years. Yet here on the Coromandel, kiwi populations are flourishing due to intensive predator control […]