Moehau Environment Group is running a free lecture series over the cooler months, bringing in experts and ideas to warm the brain cells. Come along and take part.

April 18: Deep sea – Observing the deep, driving ROVs

Jeff Williams operates Remotely Operated Vehicles in the depths of the oceans. Jeff will speak on the expeditions into this world and life on the sea bed.

May 2: Fur seals and sea lions at Coromandel—past, present and future

What do fur seals and sea lions eat and do they compete with fishers? Dr Chris Lalas will talk on the Otago experience and what it might mean for the Coromandel.

June 7: Noxious weeds – The growing threat     

Benson Lockhart, Waikato Regional Councils Biosecurity officer for pest plants on the Coromandel is presenting an evening talk to help identify the major botanical threats to Coromandel’s biodiversity.

July 4: Bird identification through song and flight

Kathi Parr and Wayne Todd will discuss and teach how to identify birds by their song, flight patterns and other behaviours.

15 AugustNative frogs – what’s happening?

Local Hochstetter’s and Archey’s frog populations are monitored by Prof Ben Bell, Director of Victoria University’s Centre for Biodiversity and Restoration Ecology. Ben will deliver a lecture on their status.