The Department of Conservation are offering free Kiwi Avoidance Training in Colville on Saturday 2 May. Any dog can kill kiwi. So get your dogs trained to avoid kiwi in the bush.

The training is a simple tool to help reduce the threat your dog poses to kiwi. The training is free and only takes 5-10 minutes. So book in and train your dog to avoid kiwi!

Date: Sat 2 May
Location: Colville foreshore

Time: 8:30am-Noon

Cost? Free!
For more information or to book call 867 9080

Dogs are the biggest danger to Coromandel kiwi now that stoats have been trapped to low numbers. We have had two kiwi in Coromandel town killed by dogs recently. If you spend time near the bush get your dog kiwi trained. If you’ve had your dogs done, thanks for playing your part! Repeating the training each year is advisable and free.