Moehau Environment Group is beginning to plan our 2015 Kiwi Listening Census and we’re looking for kiwi listening volunteers. You need to be available for at least three nights during winter.


In 2005, we conducted a census of 27 listening sites to help give us a baseline for our kiwi population.  Results from that survey indicated that the kiwi population within our Kiwi Sanctuary was around 160 birds. We now have an opportunity to repeat this census 10 years later, to see how our kiwi are benefiting from all the pest control undertaken on their behalf. We are looking for volunteers to help undertake kiwi listening at one or more of our sites between May-July 2015.

What can volunteers expect?

There are 21 sites inside the Moehau Environment Group Kiwi Sanctuary (near Colville), and a further 6 sites between Papa Aroha and the 309 Rd that we would like to survey.  Each site needs to be surveyed for 2 hours, on three separate nights during the periods 8 May to 29 May; 8 June to 28 June; 7 July to 26 July. So a minimum of 6 hours listening over three nights would be expected.

Kiwi listening involves sitting very quietly in the dark and cold for two hours at a designated site, silently waiting for kiwi that may or may not call. After 60 minutes, you will solicit for kiwi calls, playing a taped kiwi call sequence at high volume on your broadcast set, repeating the same call sequence after 75 minutes, 90 minutes and 105 minutes.  Stop recording after 120 minutes. Ideally you would space out your listens at each site so that they are not done on consecutive nights.  However, do whatever works for you within the constraints of the moon phases.

We’d love you to involved with our 2015 census! For more info or to sign up email